Hygiene control of stocking field
Raw materials carried into our factory are moved to the repacking room after passing through the thawing, cutting, washing, sterilization, and picking process.
The sterilization of machines and tools is completed at each stage of production, as well as at the opening/closing time of work in the factory.
To prevent gems from spawning we have adopted three different sterilization techniques: steam sterilization, chlorine sterilization, and alcohol sterilization.
Raw materials are not only sterilized, but foreign substances are removed by spawn thawing and general thawing processes.
The temperature in the factory is maintained at 15℃-18℃ and is checked five times per day. Thus, the quality of the products and the air condition are severely controlled.
Temperature control in the pre-production area
Spawn thawing machine and general thawing machine
Steam sterilization process
 Hygienic Repack Process
Our workers, when entering their working area in the factory, first wash their hands with anti-bacterial liquid and proceed through an automatic shutter to the clean room.
Next, the workers are required to wash their hands again with soap and wipe them off with a paper towel.
Finishing the ritual above, their feet are sterilized in a shallow, chlorine disinfectant pool. The main working area has revolving doors, and the workers, when re-entering, are required to pass through the clean room.
The working area excludes open air completely and the temperature inside the factory is maintained at 15℃-20℃.
Products carried in an elevator from the pre-production area are cleansed of foreign substances with the aid of magnifier and metal detector. To maintain the quality, the inspected products are quickly repacked with a high speed pack-sealer.
selecting process
Introducing and placing the Air Shower
High speed pack-sealer